• The Expensive Starter Kits, Are they worth it?: Compare Apollo, Halo, Blu and V2

    With the rise in the use of e cigarette and mods, there is a huge market for sales and marketing of a personal vaporizer. Many companies have started building their own range of products in the market. A lot of brands, which are in the technological evolution have started manufacturing their very own e cigarettes or are planning to do so.

    Many companies want in to ride it out on that action. The competition is so high that every brand wants to banish the competition & make its own niche amongst its customers. This leads many e-cigarette production houses to develop better and fancier products. With the level of superior hardware instilled in your regular e-cig, its prices are skyrocketing.

    Although the e cigarette companies offer many deals and discounts to lure customers, they often do not result in the desired result. All the coupon codes and promo code can bring the price down. It makes the common inducer wonder whether it is worth the cost. Without trying one e-cig, there can be no conclusion for sure.

    In this review we are going to compare a number of high selling brands like Apollo, Halo, Blu and V2 to make sure which are worth the price.

    Apollo ecig Blu ecig Halo ecig V2 ecig
    Starter Kit Starting at $54.95 Starting at $34.99 Starting at $44.99 Starting at $34.99
    Cartridge Cost As low as $2.00 each (~$0.64 liquid) As low as $1.92 each As low as $1.81 each (~$0.66 liquid) As low as $1.50 each (~$0.60 liquid)
    Design Mini, Ego and Mod Mini (2-Piece) Mini and Ego Mini (2-Piece)
    Battery Color White, Black and many more White or Black 10 Colors White, Black, Blue or Stainless
    Tip Color Blue, Red Blue Blue, Red Red
    Battery Types Auto or Manual (Various Models & Sizes) Automatic (Standard or Premium) Auto or Manual (Various Models & Sizes) Auto or Manual (Shorty – 100mm, Standard – 110mm, Long – 140mm w/ cartridge)
    Battery Ratings Various Ratings (180, 280, 650, 900 or 1200mAh) Standard – 3.7V / 80mAH, Premium – 3.7V / 226mAH Various Ratings (180, 280, 380, 650, 900 or 1300mAh) Shorty – 4.2V / 150 mAh, Standard – 4.2V / 250 mAh, Long – 4.2V / 380 mAh
    Number of Flavors 5 Prefilled & 20+ E-Liquids 7 Prefilled 8 Prefilled & 20+ E-Liquids 10+ Prefilled & E-Liquids
    USA Made E-Liquid Only E-Liquid Only E-Liquid Only Testing Only
    Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
    Warranty Limited Lifetime 1-Year 60-Day Limited Lifetime
    Free Shipping Over $30 Yes Over $75 Yes

    In conclusion, all the reviewed brands are truly high quality brands and when you buy them, they can last for up to a year or more so it’s really worth the high price they offer. Sometimes, it is best to settle on the high priced e-cig starter kits rather than settle on the cheap ones that will easily be broken and will not give you a satisfying vaping experience. And also, you dont need to worry as we are here to help you get discounts from these top brands. Here are coupon codes that we’ve found.


  • Time To Shop For Shoes! Here Are Discounts For You

    shoesdiscount Time To Shop For Shoes! Here Are Discounts For You

    As a women, if there’s one clothing item that we just cant enough of, it’s probably shoes. We shop and shop and shop for shoes whenever we can. This is because we believe that shoes have more of a purpose than just covering our feet. The right shoes can give our outfit the boost it needs, the right shoes can give us more confidence, it can also make us look more professional or fun and flirty whatever way we choose to go, you can even find your prince charming with the right kind of shoes (think of Cinderella).

    Luckily, today is the best way to shop for shoes! We found some fashion coupons at FunBeingFrugal.com that will help you save money when buying shoes. With this coupon you can buy at Karmaloop and get instant discount in whatever footwear you like. Karmaloop.com is an urban clothing site that has been around for more than a decade now. They have clothes, accessories, bags, footwear and other fashion item on their collection. They have a huge selection of footwear so it wouldn’t be a problem finding one that you would love. In fact, the problem would be with so many choices, the problem would be what to choose? Here is the top list of the basic women shoes that every women must have.

    1. Low heeled black pump – is like the “Little black dress” of women’s shoes. Every woman can’t go too far without this pair of shoes.

    2. Semi-casual flat – these shoes will update your casual outfit you want to be casual but not dressing down. This loafer will make you be classic with your casual outfit.

    3. Trendy black high heel shoe – Here is a classic heel which is great to make your legs look great. A dressy high heel shoe will go with any professional or party outfit.

    4. Metallic high heeled dress shoe – When you want to look awesome in your dress outfits, sometimes you need
    to a little daring. Why don’t you try a metallic dress shoe and you will look smashing.

    5. Oxford or loafer shoes – Here is a great shoe that will add comfort to your outfit but you still be stylish. It could make you a little preppy but would be pair great in any outfit.

    6. Sneaker or athletic shoes – Don’t forget you can become stylish in that great pair of sneakers for that perfect outfit. Athetic shoes have changed and they are not just for working out. Having the right shoe with the right arch support is important.

    7. Wedge shoe – The new wedge shoe is the must have shoe of the season. It adds style to your outfit. This is the shoe that will make your spring and summer outfits just pop!

    8. Boots – Boots have taken over the shoe market just when years ago no one would wear them if they were cowboy boots. Boots have taken over the market. There is every type of boot to feed every women’s style to taste. You go from short ankle boots to sexy high boots.

    9. Ballet flats – ballet flats are not just for ballet anymore. Women can now rock it out in their everyday lives!

    10. Flip flops – last but definitely not the least are flip flops. It’s summer not and you would be caught dead by fashion police if you dont have a flip flop in you. Wear it this summer or in your everyday casual.

  • Here’s Why You Get Your Dad Or Your Man An E-cigarette Today

    2014.01.10 ecigologist 061 Heres Why You Get Your Dad Or Your Man An E cigarette Today

    Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular these days. Celebrities are using it and millions of smokers have already switched to. If you happen to have a special man in your life who smokes, then this is the right time to make them switch to electronic cigarettes while some of the best E-cig brands are having coupons and discounts! Here are the reasons why you should get them an e-cig today.

    – Your dad or man will be happy to know that electronic cigarettes are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. Yes the starup cost of buying a starter kit is quite pricey at around $50-$100 but after that, all you need to buy monthly are replacement cartridges which only cost around $50 a month. That’s only around $700 per year compare to tobacco cigarettes where smokers consumer $6 per pack every day multiply that by 365 and your smoking expense is at $2200 a year. An extra thousand dollar a year or more is an enormous savings that men would love.

    – Your dad or man will enjoy the fact that E-cigarettes can beat the smoking ban in a lot of places. Now he can vape at the malls, office, airports and they can even vape inside their car while driving their way into work. This can ass add some extra convenience to his routine.

    – You will be showing him how much he means to you by making it known to him that E-cigarettes are probably a healthier option to tobacco cigarettes. It is still not yet proven but without all the thousands of harmful toxins that Tobacco cigarettes have plus no burning that produce tar, E-cigarettes looks like they zre really the healthier option.

    – It allows him the same end result: nicotine pleasure, just in a more modern, more versatile package. Men love gadgets and getting into technological advancement.

    – He’s been secretly considering switching to vaping because all of his favorite sports icon or celebrities have already switched to e-cigarettes to.

    – He’ll be happy to have more flavors to experiment with. He’ll love switching up the nicotine strength and the flavors too from traditional tobacco flavors to exotic flavors like Cola and Chocolate.

    E-cigarettes can really improve anyone’s day-to-day quality of life by simplifying things. Eliminating the negatives: smoke, tobacco, tar, ash, and filthy butts; accentuating the positives: nicotine pleasure, delicious flavrs, the feeling of vapor in your throat, and the total essence of smoking by inhaling and exhaling; and not failing you anywhere in between! So giving them the gift of E-cigarettes is the best thing to do right now. Here are some of our most recommended E-cig brands around.

    Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

    V2 Cigs – probably the #1 E-cig brand in the industry today with thick vapor, nice throat hit and flavor options that really stands out from the rest. Read the full review here.

    Apollo E Cigs – a very versatile E-cig brand that offers E-cigs for different type of smokers. From beginners to advanced users, there’s definitely an E-cig for you at Apollo. Know more about Apollo e cigs here.

    Blu Cigs – the most famous E-cig brand in the US and for some good reasons. Blu cigs is the most fashionable e-cig around and the easiest to use too. Read this full Blu cigs review to find out more about the brand.

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